"I am the true vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them will bear much fruit." John 15:5

Monday, April 27, 2009

Motherhood is the best. . .especially in the summer. Can't wait to have my little ones home with me.
We have a new puppy!!!!! His name is Comet and he is a ball of fur and energy. He even nipped H yesterday and it scared me cause it was on her cheek. He didn't mean it but he just had a bath and was running around like crazy! He was so excited because we had just come back for a hike and he was soooo dirty. You would have hought he would be tired but noooooo. . .
anyway little H keepipng up with her big brother on the hike slid down some slippery rocks into the creek and got her dress all wet. She was fine! :) What fun it is to follow a big brother around!
We have had fun watching R's baseball games and H will have her first ballet recital in May! She got her costume and is in heaven! Tinkerbell!
The first grade play is this week too! and, I signed up both kids for swim team this year!
I wish I didn't lost my camera. It is so hard to have all these fun events and no pics!
Anyway, life is great and busy! Looking forward to lazy summer days!