"I am the true vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them will bear much fruit." John 15:5

Friday, August 21, 2009

A, B, C, D,E, F. . .

I have had the cutest vintage alphabet cards and they have sat in their box for 4 years. I have been perplexed with what to do with them. . .Easy!! Get some string, some clothes pins and VOILA! Can't wait to put it up in the kids playroom! I have to hurry before H gets too big for alphabets!
Cute huh! I found this idea from etsy! www.etsy.com is a fantastic web site! Check it out!

A moment

I don't know why, but I cried when I saw this short movie. Life is so beautiful. Especially the moments. The moments that are often forgotten and the moments that are huge! One day, and we never know when, we will leave this glorious world! Seize the Day. Carpe Diem.
We simply don’t know what will become of us 10 minutes from now, much less tomorrow, or next year. Do what you can today to insure that you’re there — fully and in totality — for each and every instance of your life’s passing moments.

Monday, August 10, 2009

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Why Exercise Won't Make you Thin

This article written in Time magazine should have read "Why Exercise Alone Won't Make You Thin".

I was a dancer in my past who danced 8-10 hours a day and ate very little. Some pretzels, a slurpy, a cup of Joe, some popcorn, and rice and veggies. I stayed very thin. Too thin.

Triathlon entered my life and I was again exercising 8 hours a day. Teaching 3 step classes, running 4-8 miles, biking 20-70 miles and swimming 3-4 days a weeks for at least an hour. This coupled with my weight training I was a work out fiend. . .I gained 15 lbs. Now some of that was needed because as a ballerina I was too thin but some of it was because after an 8 mile run I ate a bagel with cream cheese. After my long bike I felt like I could surely eat more because I had worked so hard.

Fast forward to when my son was born. Although I tried, my son wouldn't sit in the gym for longer that 30 minutes. So, I had to train harder and more efficiently. Seriously hard 30 minute workouts 5 days a week was what I did and really almost no cardio at all! Drum roll. . . I lost 12 lbs and got really cut and had about 9% bodyfat!! I also ate really clean. Egg omlette for breakfast, lean protein and apples for lunch and snack, and a Big Ass Salad for dinner with chicken or salmon.

What did I learn?
Cardio doesn't make most people lean. Most professional athletes weigh their food, and basically starve themselves to stay in weight. They don't rely on their workout to keep them lean. That said, muscle won't get tone without being stressed. So:

To get toned muscles you have to work your muscles!! Weight training, lifting heavy objects, short bursts of high intensity work.

A serious commitment to eating all natural, organic, grass-fed, meats and fresh, organic, seasonal produce will make you healthy.

An active healthy lifestyle will make you happy. Get outside. Walk in the sun! Play!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hubby love

Things I never did before I met you:

1. Watch the Tour de France for 3 weeks straight every day in the summer.(and like it so much)
2. Go to a motocross event
3. Go to terrible movies just so we can eat popcorn.
4. Run in a running race.
5. Compete in a Triathlon.
6. Bike 70 miles on a Sunday morning for fun.
7. Shave someones back. hee hee
8. Actually find that I am coming around to the idea that RVing may be a fun retirement idea.
9. Sleep under layers of covers freezing in the summer because the airconditioner is turned down to 68 degrees and the fan is on overhead.
10. Become a Lance Armstrong fan so much that I chased him down to get you an autograph.

10 Things that make me Terribly Happy

10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy

1. Slipping into our bed after being on vacation. Our bed has the best matress and sheets ever!
2. Slurpees!
3. The sound of my daughters giggle!!!!!
4. Sidewalk cafes
5. Fresh panseys, sunflowers, hydrangeas, roses. . . oh, all right flowers.
6. Thunderstorms and rainy days
7. My sons hair when he wakes up. Insane!
8. Puppy smell
9. The smell of rain on a hot pavement
10. Random cool days hinting that fall is around the corner.


Well, My paint can arrived while we were on vacation. I am so excited!!! I will post my project before and after when I am done. Promise!