"I am the true vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them will bear much fruit." John 15:5

Monday, April 27, 2009

Motherhood is the best. . .especially in the summer. Can't wait to have my little ones home with me.
We have a new puppy!!!!! His name is Comet and he is a ball of fur and energy. He even nipped H yesterday and it scared me cause it was on her cheek. He didn't mean it but he just had a bath and was running around like crazy! He was so excited because we had just come back for a hike and he was soooo dirty. You would have hought he would be tired but noooooo. . .
anyway little H keepipng up with her big brother on the hike slid down some slippery rocks into the creek and got her dress all wet. She was fine! :) What fun it is to follow a big brother around!
We have had fun watching R's baseball games and H will have her first ballet recital in May! She got her costume and is in heaven! Tinkerbell!
The first grade play is this week too! and, I signed up both kids for swim team this year!
I wish I didn't lost my camera. It is so hard to have all these fun events and no pics!
Anyway, life is great and busy! Looking forward to lazy summer days!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Catching up!!

Oh!! So much has happened since I last blogged. My little lover son had a horrible incident happen. He came home from school 2 weeks ago and was complaining of a horroble stomach ache and began throwing up over and over. He was throwing up from 4:30 pm til 10:30 pm and I finally got so worried that I called our pediatrician and told her what was up. She told me that since he was at this point only throwing up a lime green colored substance, we should go to the hospital to get fluids put back in him. So, R and I drove to the hospital at 11pm. As anyone knows the emergency room is a long and exhausting event. We had a bag poised in case he threw up and we both curled up together and waited. . .finally at about 12:30 or 1am (who knows at this point) they escorted us to a room. The nurse who put an IV in R didn't use gloves (ahhh!), the IV machine kept sending off a siren that said that there was a air bubble in the line ( ahhhhh!), and if we could at all sleep we were disturbed by either the siren of the machine or my poor boy withering in pain. Finally at about 4:30am when he finally finished his IV, the doctor came in and said, "He will be getting better now." NO! He wasn't. The doctor left the room and in about 10 minutes R was again in so much pain "A 20 on a scale of 1-10." I went out the the hall and tracked down the doctor and told him that R wasn't better! So, he order an X-Ray and 2 MRI's. He told me that he was doing this on the off chance R may have appendicitis, although he thinks it is only a gas bubble.
Bless little R's heart, he was so brave. He was so serious, so tired and so sick. At 5:30am I finally got ahold of my husband who was asleep with H at home. He came to the hospital and just about that time the doctor came in to tell us that he has called a general surgeon and R will have surgery that afternoon because he has appendicitis.
Long story short. . .they gave R morphine, he passed out, and he went in for an operation at 2pm.
It is the most aweful experience I have ever been through watching my perfect little boy being hauled off to a room where doctors will open him up. Rami and I felt completely helpless and scared. Thank God for our faith. We prayed and prayed that God will hold him in His hands during this operation.
R's doctor was fantastic and came into the room and told us that his appendix was very infected and ready to burst. She said it was very big and inflamed.
R was wheeled back to his room and looked so groogy and sad. But he was back with us and we felt so much better. The next 3 days I stayed with him 24/7. Never left his side. I was his nurse, his mommy, his buddy( we played games, cards, and got our giggles back).
God is so amazing how He times everything. He gave R a few days to recover at home with no school for 4 days. R was feeling so much better and looking like his old self by Friday so we sent him to school so he could celebrate Easter(Easter parade, bunny cake). I need to note that h's class mom's sent us dinners for the entire week so I could concentrate on R and getting him well! What a treat!
Then Saturday we left to go to the beach for 7 days. He was instructed to not play hard for 10 days after the surgery so since we got to the beach on day 7 R had to practice patience. It wasn't so hard because it was chilly for the first 3 days we were there! God has such an amazing way!
On day 10 it was sunny, beautiful and we had a great time recovering. All of us!!
We got back yesterday safe and sound. And this morning the Easter bunny visited us!!!!
Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen!! Glory, glory Halleluliah!!!
p.s. I have lost my camera and can't post any pictures yet! :(